Decision Driven Analytics

Insights for informed decisions.

Who we are

Inlytica is a team of business strategists, data scientists, and analytics experts who believe that making optimal decisions requires intuition and analysis.

We work closely with decision makers to build analytics systems that deliver the clear and concise information they need, in the context they need it, when and where they need it. We assist in the identification, collection, and evaluation of data. And, we advise on decision making strategy.

Our goal is to create the insights that executives need to make informed decisions, drive organizational growth, and navigate an ever-changing business landscape.

What makes us different

    Business People First We start by understanding your business and the decision you need to make before we dive into data gathering and analytics. We can call upon a wide range of business and academic experience to determine the best methods for delivering information, modeling scenarios, measuring outcomes and reaching optimal decisions. We place a strong emphasis on thought and planning before action.
    Innovative and creative We take a research based approach to recommending which models, designs and techniques might work best for each client’s unique decision space. Because we are not limited by a particular method, system or tool, we can create entirely new and innovative solutions for our client’s needs.
    Collaborative We take an iterative and collaborative approach to our projects. We provide a transparent view to our process. While we enjoy scheduled project updates, we do not want our clients to have to wait for them. Our clients can see work in progress and view our project plans at any time.

Our Services

Decision Support

  • Data Visualization
  • Information Delivery
  • Interactive Reporting

Decision Modeling

  • Decision Process Development
  • Scenario Modeling
  • Information Needs vs. Cost Analysis

Analytics Strategy

  • Metric and KPI Development
  • Forecast Process Improvement
  • Data Sufficiency Audit

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